Soundproof Your Room For Playing Your Guitar : Budget Friendly!

Want to play your guitar without disturbing others? Or want your sound to be acoustically perfect and don’t want the outside noise to sip in whilst you are practicing. Then you’ve landed in the right place. We will be talking about some of the ways you can soundproof your room especially if you are a thriving musician without breaking your wallet.

Although soundproofing is an additional hole in the wallet and you may think that money spent on it would still cover far more important things but the truth is sometimes, soundproofing a home or a room is an essential need that you must do if you are a musician. Your only recourse then is to cut the cost and save as much money as you can by looking for cheap soundproofing methods.

Budget soundproofing is now practiced by many especially because money is tight these days and cost of soundproofing materials inconspicuously crawls up. With a lot of soundproofing options and products to choose from, you need to know which would produce the best results without punching a huge dent in your budget.

Egg Cartons:

When you talk about cheap soundproofing before, most people would associate the term with egg cartons. It used to be the quickest and the cheapest soundproofing material to install. However, its bulky form and unappealing shape don’t make it well-liked and widely used among people. Most of us who are considering soundproofing our home or our own bedroom doesn’t disregard the aesthetic factor of the material that we’re going to use. Egg cartons would probably look okay on a home studio but on a bedroom, I would say it’s a no-no.


There are actually other recyclable materials out there that are better looking and offer a good soundproofing quality to your space. You may have noticed those rigid multi-domed Styrofoam pads commonly used as a package for apples and oranges. These colorful and more appealing pads are a bit bigger in size compared to egg cartons. Also, because these Styrofoam pads are much lighter in weight, they are easier to cut and manage. With ordinary mounting tape or fastening pin such as thumbtacks, you can securely attach them to walls and ceilings with superb retention and without doing great damage to the surface.

You can double the layer of these Styrofoam pads to create airspace that would deaden the sound and provide a more effective absorbing shell. And since they come in various attractive colors, they accentuate your room decoratively instead of destroying its design which you painstakingly worked on for some time.

Although these pads can now be bought from your local hardware stores, you can obtain them without actually spending a cent except probably for the gas of your car. No company recycles Styrofoam other than re-use for packing material so most often, the remainder of it just goes to landfill. You can get Styrofoam pads from local grocery stores for free. You can ask the grocer or the store owner to let you pick up leftover Styrofoam pads from the fruits they sell every morning before they open or at night after the store closes. By doing this for several weeks or for a month, you will just be surprised one day that you already have enough cheap soundproofing material to use on your entire home.

These are the couple of ways you can soundproof your room without burning your wallet. Be sure to test each out and implement what works best for you. You definitely don’t want to be that person who bothers their neighbors with noise pollution. Enjoy your guitar jamming sessions with friends as loud as you can!

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