Oscar Schmidt Og2sm Acoustic Guitar Review

The Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar with Spalted Maple Top is a rustic, rugged and a reliable instrument, and its one of the most beautiful guitars out there. It takes the shape of a classic dreadnought and its available in many colors.This guitar is a maple/ mahogany/ rosewood combo. This acoustic guitar was introduced in the year 2003.  It’s portable and lightweight, hence great for individuals who like to travel often bringing their guitars.Oscar Schmidt guitar is highly favored by many people due to having an awesome, classy look and offering an excellent durability.  When one sees it for the very first time, one will notice the pearl inlay dots and sleek wood grain finish right away. It is a great starter guitar with a loud sound it’s also beautiful with a simple, bright sound.

Features of the Oscar Schmidt Og2sm Acoustic Guitar

Oscar Schmidt Og2sm Acoustic Guitar Natural is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Oscar Schmidt Og2sm Acoustic Guitar Natural is a one of the best in our Best Acoustic Guitar List.

Dreadnought Style And Spalted Maple

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar Dreadnought is an ideal to capture and resonate powerful tones. An easily recognizable outline that almost all kids that have the hots for guitar try drawing.The top maple contributes to the overall sound with precision and tightness in the lows, while the mahogany body significantly mellows its brightness. The maple top gives the guitar a more mellow sound less sharp than other woods but the sound it produces have clear and crisp treble tones.

Sides And Back Are Made Of Mahogany

The sides and back are designed from mahogany as it is a good choice if you want soft and mellow sound without sacrificing sturdiness. A mahogany tonewood has a characteristic warm and soft sound that is well balanced and has a good grind and bite.

Fingerboard And Bridge Are Made Of Rosewood

The fingerboard and bridge of then Oscar Schmidt OG2SM guitar are made of rosewood. These parts contribute greatly to the mix, as well as, adding brightness and airiness to the warm fullness of the body. It poses an extremely high density which makes for an acoustically reflective tone wood.

Sound Quality

The Guitar can provide a full acoustic resonance and is built well that it stays in tune after getting adjusted. The sound quality of the guitar is good though it has a crisp sound which is not pleasant to many.

Good Finish

The Oscar Schimdt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar features have a natural glossy finish which accentuates the intricate patterns of the spalted maple top. The price of the Oscar Schimdt OG2SM is also affordable hence many can buy it.


  • The guitar is easy to play as its width fits well in the average hand.
  • It has a good mellow sound, resonance and excellent volume due to the mix of mahogany and maple tonewoods.
  • The stock strings do not require changing unless one prefers to change them.


  • It has no top scrap screw on the neck joint for playing the guitar while standing.
  • It has sound crisp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the guitar have a low sound or a loud sound?A:  Yes, the Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic guitar has a very loud sound. Dreadnoughts are known for their big sounds.Q: Does the guitar also have a left handed model?A: Yes, left handed models of Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Guitar are also available.Q: Is it possible to remove the pickground without ruining the beautiful top on the guitar?A: It is always recommended to bring your guitar to a professional who does this kind of work instead of doing such work on your own.

Final Verdict

This is a good guitar for people to learn on, its tone is good and mellow. The action is fast, and its width is perfect for the average hand hence one can play for long hours.The pearl inlay and wood grain finish that takes one’s attention at first sight. I would recommend beginners to buy the Oscar Schimdt OG2SM Acoustic guitar because of its quality sound and it is relatively affordable. It may be an okay guitar, or it may be a bad guitar to some people. So it is advisable to try it first before you purchase it.

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