How to Buy a Guitar – Advice for Beginners?

Are you looking for a new hobby or have you discovered your talent in playing instruments? Well, the guitar is one of the most preferred or the best instruments amongst the many. Getting yourself a guitar is more than a hobby or passion. A guitar can help you pour out your emotions or communicate to fellow guitarists. It is an instrument which when put up in your library stands out. As a beginner, how do you end up selecting your perfect guitar? What are some of the things that will help you pick a guitar that will produce the best sound? Here is a worthwhile guide on how to buy a guitar.

Buy a guitar that you can afford

I know you have to budget when getting your guitar. There is no need to stress on the prize. Get yourself the best that you can afford. You might be worried that the best is expensive. Not really! You don’t have to go for the most expensive guitar. At the same time, cheap guitars do come with their own cost and can end up getting you frustrated.

 Cheap guitars might not keep in tune or can prove challenging to play this can also be discouraging for beginners. Also, be careful with the too promising guitars at a low price. There are just some deals which are too good to be true so be careful so that you don’t end up getting frustrated. As an amateur, you need not buy the most beautiful looking or the most expensive. You just have to look in your pockets and get one that you are comfortable.

Where to buy your guitar

There are so many places when it comes to the choice of the place where you will get your guitar. You can go for the easiest; buying a guitar online. Buying your guitar online is tempting since it is easy and they are cheap. The problem is that when you opt to buy your guitar online yet, you are an amateur you won’t be able to get help from an expert or test the guitar. But as a first-time guitar buyer, I would highly recommend you visit a shop.

Take your time to shop. Hold as many guitars as you wish and test the comfortability with which you get from each. By doing this, you will get the guitar which is best suitable for you. Also, you will get help from an expert in guitars. Other than testing which guitar is best for you. You will get exposure and meet other guitar players too.

What kind of guitar is best?

There are two types of guitars in the music world; acoustic or electric. So, how are these guitars different and which is the best for a beginner? An electric guitar requires you to have an amplifier. Electric guitars don’t produce much noise unless an amp is plugged in.  As for an acoustic guitar, the hollow space underneath the strings acts as the sound amplifier. The acoustic guitar is best suitable for the beginners.

In general, it is tougher to play an acoustic guitar than an electric since you will need to fret with a lot more energy on the strings. The acoustic guitar is best recommended so that as a beginner you can master the technique and physique finger strength. Once you can play acoustic guitar, an electric one will be a walk in the park.

A used guitar for a beginner

Buying a used guitar is a big NO. For many beginners a used as long it is in excellent condition comes up as a great option since it is less expensive too. As a beginner, it is hard to spot whether the used guitar is okay or not. It takes quite a lot of knowledge and experience to identify whether a used guitar is excellent. If you do choose to go for a used guitar here are some of the things to look out for;

  • Hold the guitar along with your arm and look down to see if the neck is straight. If it is curved, do not buy since a straight neck ensures the guitar is well tuned.
  • If you also notice any dents or bulges on the body do not buy the guitar. A few scratches are okay they won’t affect your instruments sound quality.
  • Ensure that the frets are not worn out. It is much harder to get the right notes with worn out frets.

Choose the right size

The right size guitar comes in handy when selecting a guitar for your children. A guitar that is too large will prove troublesome since it will be tough to reach the frets with both hands. Having the ability to reach the frets with the hands as high as the shoulders can be painful at times and very tiresome. When it is hard to reach for the frets puts the child at a tremendous technical disadvantage. At-large adults are comfortable with any size guitar.

Select a guitar that has been thoroughly inspected and adjusted 

There is nothing worse than a poorly constructed guitar one that is not set up correctly. A poorly constructed guitar can come to be a great hindrance to the progress, enjoyment, and building of technique for a beginner. When buying a guitar make sure it has been adjusted for smooth playability, accuracy when tuning and tone production.


Just like any other product out there the guitar is prone to damage. Even if you do have a quality guitar, a warranty comes in handy. You might discover some problems, so all you will do is return to the dealer to check it for you. You might also decide that the guitar isn’t right for you after some few days of using it. If you are a daily basis guitar player and you practice rigorously there wear on the frets will be inevitable. It is best that the retailer you buy for has policy returns in case you want to exchange or get refunds.

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