First Act Acoustic Guitar Review

First Act might not be as famous as Yamaha, Ibanez, or even ESP, but, rest assured, this brand is more than reliable. We’re here to review one of their best guitars, the FG127 acoustic. It comes outfitted with a whole set of easy-to-use, enjoyable features, among which the tuning heads are the most unique.

This review will cover the features, possible advantages, potential flaws, and the frequently asked questions concerning the FG127, but, please, keep in mind – we’re not here to convince you to buy it, rather to keep you well-informed about your options.

Features of the First Act Acoustic Guitar

Thin Frets

First Act FG127 Acoustic Guitar

The First Act FG127 acoustic guitar comes outfitted with exceptionally thin frets. This might suit people with low-paced playing styles, but fast guitarists might not like it that much. Anyhow, the fret’s width has a huge impact on the playability. Depending on how you play this guitar, you’ll either love it or hate it, there’s no middle ground.

Low action

Another factor that affects the playability is the action – namely, this guitar features a low action, which gives a substantial boost to this field of performance, but it comes at a cost. In case you’re new, the lower the action is, the

higher the risk of bad intonation is. This is not a rule, though, and there are other means to compensate for this small drawback.

Durable Classic Neck

The neck of this guitar features exceptionally durable build materials, among which the materials used for the neck are even sturdier than the others. A durable neck is less prone to warping, thus affecting the overall intonation in a very positive way.

Patented String Post Cover

The covered strings were introduced so that beginners won’t hurt their tiny fingers. Even though most professionals will find little use of this feature, it’s great to have it onboard.

Learn-a-cord cards

One of the many complimentary features given by the First Act with this bundle, the “learn-a-cord” cards are here to help the youngest beginners in an illustrative way. Combined with the youngster’s vivid imagination, these cards are bound to help with learning the fundamentals of guitar play.

Rosewood Bridge And Fingerboard

Rosewood is often considered as an “exotic” material – it’s pretty durable, and it heavily affects the tone quality. Apart from that, when the majority of your guitar is made from a single material (rosewood, in this case), it gets a massive boost to consistency.


  • Ideal for immediate beginners and children
  • Comes with illustrative “learn-a-cord” cards
  • Highly durable
  • Great playability
  • Thin strings and string protectors guarantee safety during playing


  • Virtually unusable by intermediate-level players (and higher)
  • Toy-like guitar

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it fit for a seven-year-old

A: Plainly put, it’s fit for most children between the ages of 5 and 10

Q: How big is it?

A: This guitar is pretty small in size, even for “¾-size” guitars.

Final Words

Basically, the First Act FG127 is a great beginner, entry-level guitar. It’s very affordable, even for a budget guitar bundle, and it comes supplied with useful beginner-friendly features, such as string protectors and the illustrative learn-how-to-play cards.

This guitar features a massive level of playability due to low action, but at the cost of intonation. The sound quality is pretty nice, even though it can’t be compared to more expensive guitars. Overall, the FG127 holds a huge value for the cash.

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