Drums vs Guitar: Which is Easier to Learn for Beginners?

If you are just a first timer in the world of music, then one thing is for sure that you are overwhelmed with the many music genres available, and you are just not sure which one to adapt to. As if not enough there are myriads of instruments which you have to choose from and hence making your life even more difficult. Don’t give up yet because of that. Most beginners especially those who just want to be instrumentalists usually find themselves at crossroads as the most common option to them is choosing between a drum and a guitar. The question that always remains unanswered is drum vs guitar, which is easier to learn for beginners? If you are in such a dilemma and still need guidance on which path to take, then read on to find out which is the most favorable option for newbies in this world.

Drum vs Guitar: which is easier to learn for beginners?

Both the guitar and the electronic drum set are paramount in the field of music. They not only make music interesting to sing and listen to but also make it easier to memorize. We will make a comparison of both instruments based on different aspects of music to help you see and come up with an answer to the question, drum vs guitar, which one is easier to learn.


In theory, like when two people are talking, most of them usually come to one conclusion that drums are easier to play because you can even take two spoons and use your table as a drum and if you know the beat you want you can effortlessly produce by hitting the spoons over the counter.


When it comes to the method, many beginners find it easy to use a drum because the technique requires no special skills and the only thing they have to do is hit the target which in this case is the drum and it is also quite extensive so they have a large surface area to practice their little skills on. Thanks to this, first timers need not have encountered the drum before so they can know how to hit it. Nonetheless, in the case of a guitar, a beginner can’t just go and try to make a beat out of the many frets available, and they need to have encountered it like one or two times before so they can familiarize with the basic operation before making even the slightest tune. Contrary to many people’s perception, no one can excellently play a guitar as a first timer. Watching someone else play it is easier, but when the guitar is handed over to you, you can hardly make a tune. Therefore, in the case of first-time technique, the drum is much easier to use for beginners in comparison to a drum.


When the beginner decides it’s the drum they are going for; then they should be ready for long periods of exercise because even though there are fewer techniques involved, it takes a long time of practice and determination before they can finally master the execution of getting a good tune out of the drum. In practice, a guitar is easier to use because after a few days of learning when to use a particular fret and when not to do so, a newbie can easily master to work a tune out of the instrument plus you only have to use two limbs; one for holding the guitar and the other for playing. But in the case of drums, one has to know how to coordinate both hands they have to know where and how to hit the drum so it can release a particular sound and also which hand to use in order to execute a certain beat and that may be a little bit difficult for any beginner.

In a nutshell

Both instruments usually have their share of advantages and disadvantages, and before you can reach the heights of being tagged as a good guitarist or drummer, you have to overcome a few hurdles which you find on the way. At the end of the day even with the points listed above, it comes down to your preferences and what you like more as both of them have their share of goodies to bring to the table and also their bad side.


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