How to Choose the Right Electric Bass Guitar

Bass guitars have been there for a long time. They are common among bands and you can get the guitars in different types. The most common types of bass guitars include acoustic, electric, acoustic-electric and semi-acoustic among others.

On this post, our major focus is the electric bass guitar. This is a type of guitar that requires being connected to the amplifier to get the best sound quality. The amplifier works amazing well in resonating the sound during performances. How will you which electric bass guitar is right for you? Let us check out some of the major considerations when buying an electric bass.

Bass body

The most outstanding feature that you will note in any electric bass is the type of body. You need to get a guitar that not only looks well but also feels good when you are holding it. Different guitar brands have their own shapes. The following are some of the most common shapes that you can choose to pick:

  • P-Bass- This is a design that is simple. It comes with a single pickup and features a small body. If you need an electric bass guitar for rock, punk or reggae, this design is the best.
  • J-Bass- Guitars with this design feature a larger body with single coil pickups. It has a wide range of sounds as compared to the P-Bass. This guitar design is best where accuracy and subtlety are needed.
  • Modern- These guitars feature humbucking pickups and their body is large. You can use them for different styles like rock and or metal.

Number of strings

Most electric bass guitars come with 4 strings (EADG). You can also get some guitars with more than 4 strings. It is great if you start with 4 strings and as you get used and advance your playing skills, you can choose the number of strings that suit you better.

Type of wood

Just like any other type of guitar, the type of wood highly determines the quality of sound. The most common woods used to make bass guitars include mahogany, ash, alder or basswood. All these woods produce different sounds and it will all depend on what you want.


Just like any other guitar, the neck of an electric bass has a fretboard, headstock, and internal truss rod. There are different types of necks you can pick depending on how it attaches to the body. You can either choose a set neck, bolt-on neck or thru-body neck. Make sure the type of neck you choose feel comfortable.

Scale length

34 inches is the most common scale length in many electric bass guitars. You can also get some models with a shorter scale up to 30- inches. Such small length guitars are ideal for young players with small hands. Other guitars have a longer scale length of up to 35 inches which provides more frets.

Final Words

Whether you are looking for an electric bass band or just for practice, I believe you will be in a position to choose the right one after going through this guide. I have highlighted some important things that you need to know when buying an electric bass. Good luck with your purchase!

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