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How to Choose Ukulele for Beginners

Contrary to what many believe, a Ukulele is not a small guitar. It is a musical instrument just like a guitar with a very rich history. Traditionally, a Ukulele is used to produce great warm sounds to accompany one’s voice when singing. The instrument is easy to play and sweet sounding making it one of […]

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Learn How to Play a Ukulele

Whether you’re a musician or not, learning how to play an instrument is fun. It is even more fun when the instrument is a Ukulele. It is Hawaiian and quite easy to learn. We all know anything Hawaiian is fun. At most times, one doesn’t even need a class to master the art of playing […]

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How to Play Classical Guitar

Are you trying to explore your talent in guitar playing? How about you learn how to play a classical guitar this year? Among the things that differentiate a classical guitar from the rest of them are the nylon strings, a wider body, and longer neck, a hole in the body known as a rosette and […]

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How to Build Guitar Pedals

The music society is always on the lookout for unique flawless tone, volume adjustment, and smooth equalization. The motivation to cost-cut on exorbitant designs while enjoying a stylish guitar body sticks to the hearts of many. Guitar pedals, also known as special effect units or stomp boxes, help alter the sound to specific preferences. They […]

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How to Build a Reverb Pedal

From early ‘50s reverb effects of simple acoustic sticks to spring reverb of the ‘60s, the impact is clearly felt in contemporary amps. The power of effect pedals in sound enrichment for solo and ambient echo effects is alluring to souls beyond and within. Usually confused with delay pedals, reverb pedals create precise acoustic sound […]

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