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10 Easy Songs to Learn on Acoustic Guitar

The first question to ask is “what is the definition of an easy guitar song?” followed by, “is it something I want to play?” and, finally, “should each song on the list stretch me further than the previous one” Let’s take each one of these questions in turn. An easy guitar song should, primarily, use […]

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Best Classical Guitars with Reviews

A foreword about classical guitars Both classical and acoustic guitars are noble instruments. They’re a sure way to everyone’s soul, and no wonder that you’re here, looking for decent classical guitars. Essentially, finding the model that’s good for you isn’t rocket science, but it surely is more than plain “look and pick”. We’re here to advise you […]

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Tips on Buying Acoustic Guitar

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the mention of the name acoustic guitar, I just think of the great reggae legend Robert Nesta Marley who was famously known as Bob Marley. Bob Marley had a unique touch of music as well as sound when he played using the acoustic guitar, […]

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Bass Guitar Strings Buying Guide

Usually, bass guitars bring the best tones and a big difference when it comes to your bass. Some of the strings that are used are bright, and they deliver the punch line tone that is an ideal for rock, pop or any other genre of music. The other set of strings are more subdued and […]

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