10 Greatest Walking Songs of All Time

Working out has always been a definite option for everyone across the board. Jogging, walking and hitting the gym are all part of working out and the result in the final picture is one in the same thing.

To work out well, there are a couple of songs that you might want to consider listening to as they will give you the push and motivation to keep going harder. The value that songs have in our day to day lives is far too impressive to be ignored. They are used to create moods in different situations and events.

When people get married, wedding songs are sung, when people pass on hymns are sung and not to forget the fact that when babies are born, welcoming songs are also sung.

Working out is yet another type of situation that can very well work with songs that help to create the feeling of not wanting to stop. An excellent example of a song for working out and walking is explicitly “Walk on the Wild Side” by Lou Reed.

It is a great song to exercise with because the singer keeps you going as you listen carefully to the exact words that she used to sing. In the study below, you will find a list of ten most celebrated songs of walking while working out say when using the Adventures Gears Lab.

Top ten best walking songs during working out

“I’m Gonna Be” by The Proclaimers: It is the most significant working out song of all time as it has been cited even by academic researchers and scholarly journals.

“I walk the line” by Cash Johny: The objectivity of this song cannot be underestimated as it served as the theme song in the movie “Man in Black.”

“Walk on the Wild Side” by Reed Lou: The message of this song is to encourage you to walk as far as possible since the writer walked across U.S.A

“Walking to New Orleans” by Fats Domino: The good thing about this song is that it gets you in the right state of mind even though the singer never walked much.

“Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and Wales: In as much as the song is a one-hit wonder, it serves the high purpose of motivating you to keep going.

“Walk of Life” by Straits Dire: Working out is never easy, and Straits understands that. It is the reason she encourages you to have a working out suit.

“Walk this way” by Aerosmith and Run DMC: It is a great rock tune that brought all attention to the history of rock and roll.

‘You will never walk alone” by The Pacemakers and Gerry: This song gives you the psyche to walk with other people while working out.

“Baby Elephant Walk” by Mancini Henry: This is the unique walking song as it is only made up of instrumentals.

“These boots were made for walking” by Nancy Sinatra: Working out is never complete without this song as it helps you value your shoes.

Watch the phone battery: Keep a closer look at your battery percentage to avoid being cut off the music when the work out is still on.

Take some time to enjoy the quiet: The benefit of silence is gold, and the power of meditation is nothing short of self-contentment and relaxation after the walking.


To sum it all up, walking is an excellent method of working out even without realizing that you are keeping fit. The best thing about it is that everyone can be able to do it as long as you have high working out songs just at your dial waiting to hit play.

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