Crescent MG 38 – CF 38 ‘ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Review

This guitar was designed specifically for amateurs or beginners in the music world. It is available in numerous colors which bring out the personality of the amateur guitar. For the lovers of cool colors or kinky colors, the crescent guitar has them taken care of that.

Its physical outlook portrays its simplest since it seeks to serve the purpose of being a teacher to the beginners. The frame is wooden, and it has some polish which gives it an attractive shine.

The stylish wooden frame is accompanied by strong steel strings which give the beginner guitarist opportunity to live the music dreams. The crescent mg 38 – cf 38 is equipped with advanced technology by being fitted with a digital tuner.

This innovative idea keeps it well above the rest since the crescent acoustic guitar seeks to make it easier and much simpler for the amateur guitarist.

It was simply designed to connect a dream of one being a great guitarist with the reality and achievement; all one has to do is purchase the crescent mg 38-cf 38 acoustic starter guitar which is available worldwide at quite an affordable.

Features of the Crescent MG 38 – CF 38 ‘ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

Crescent MG 38 – CF 38 ‘ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Crescent MG 38 – CF 38 ‘ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package is a one of the best in our Acoustic Guitar List.

Digital Tuner

Crescent MG 38 – CF 38 ‘ Acoustic Guitar Starter PackageA beginner is someone who knows absolutely nothing or very little about a particular thing, in this case, the guitar. To aid the beginner, the designer of the crescent acoustic guitar fitted it with a digital tuner which allows the amateur to experiment and it also gives him or her room to fix the sound and tune in just a matter of seconds.

This means one can be their teacher without having someone to teach them. The digital tuner is the guardian angel. It just breaks the barrier and allows the beginner guitarist to try various tunes until they get to the right one.

Wooden Frame And Steel Strings

As we all know wood can last for long so long as it is taken care of properly. On the part of the manufacturer the wooden frame was designed in a nice frame and polished to give it a classic and stylish outlook. When wood is well polished, it lasts for long.

The user is required to handle it with care, and it will last. To top it up the crescent acoustic guitar is fitted with strong steel strings which add up to the great musical experience. The strings are durable and strong therefore one should not fear to unleash all their energy on the guitar. The steel string has a loud, bright ringing tone that clearly projects to the listener.

Whole Package

Here is where there is value for money. The crescent acoustic guitar comes with a full set of extra strings which are also made of steel, carrying strap, guitar pick, pick guard and a pitch pipe tuner.

This is the ultimate guitar; the beginner is equipped with all that is needed to start making that musical dream valid. The guitar alone measures about 38.6 by 17 by 4 inches and weighs 4.4 pounds. This package makes the crescent guitar be well ahead of the rest because not all guitars meant for beginners come with such like a package meant to make things easier.


  • Widely available at a cheaper price.
  • Easy to use since it has some features which aid the beginner guitarist.
  • The crescent guitar offers perfect sound quality courtesy of its digital enhancement.
  • The strong steel strings make the guitar durable since without the strings then a guitar would not be complete.


  • The wooden frame seems to be fragile especially when it succumbs to unintended falls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the guitar come with a guitar strap?

A. Yes, it does though its design has only one knob for hanging the strap.

Q: Are the strings that are on the guitar right handed or left handed?

A: The steel strings are right handed when the guitar is delivered.


Final Verdict

Something great about the crescent acoustic guitar is that it’s available in various colors such as blue, coffee, purple, red and black. This attracts buyers who of course are first timers. This guitar has everything an amateur guitarist needs. Personally, I give it a good rating.

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