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Best Metal Guitars

Many people have the notion that you can play any note on any guitar because the sound comes from the player. You need to know that the type of guitar that you play has a lot to do with your style and says much about you, it doesn’t matter the player or the budget.Therefore, if […]

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Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitar – 4 Guitar Review

No other company produces motorbikes and musical instruments like Yamaha. I have a lot of respect for the wide range of products that Yamaha offers.In most countries when you talk about Yamaha people usually think about motorbikes and pianos, but Yamaha is much more than that.Yamaha offers a comprehensive range of audio products that include […]

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Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar Review with Guide

These beautiful instruments assist solo performers and rhythm players to fill out the sound.Nothing is fulfilling like settling down with a 12 stringed guitar and letting some open, big chords ring out.The 12 string acoustic guitar is unforgiving compared to its six-string counterpart. Its player must fret two strings at the same time, this requires […]

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Best Gibson Acoustic Guitar – Guide & Reviews

The high-quality guitar brands are recognized for producing pleasant acoustic and electric powered contraptions. Producers like Gibson are at the pinnacle of the list.The exceptional Gibson guitar manufacturers live on top for the right purpose, so if you’re looking for a brand new acoustic or electric powered guitar, it’s smart first of all the massive […]

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Epiphone Dr-100 Acoustic Guitar Review

When you see the words Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar, what comes to mind is that it’s one o the best selling guitars and it’s of very high quality. Epiphone has been making quality guitars, and at affordable prices, from the year 1873 hence it has become the best choice for many of the musicians. The […]

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Oscar Schmidt Og2sm Acoustic Guitar Review

The Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar with Spalted Maple Top is a rustic, rugged and a reliable instrument, and its one of the most beautiful guitars out there. It takes the shape of a classic dreadnought and its available in many colors. This guitar is a maple/ mahogany/ rosewood combo. This acoustic guitar was introduced […]

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