Best Acoustic Guitar With Reviews

The guitar is an incredible instrument. Some of the best melodies in this world are all courtesy of the guitar. Melodies from the guitar can calm a lion. So far the guitar is my number one instrument.

If you are a pro guitarist, you can make endless sounds out of the guitar. Another thing about the guitar is its portability. It is the perfect companion for you to those romantic dates.

That’s what I do and being a music lover I melt the very heart of my sweethearts. I also witness performers melt the hearts of their audience during performances and that is due to their mastery of the guitar.

Let’s leave all that stuff about melting hearts as you will come to witness them with time if you have not already.

Today what matters is just which is the best acoustic guitar out there, there are lots of varieties of guitars out there and getting lost on which choice to make has a probability of one. By a probability of one, I mean that making the wrong choice is the likeliest thing to make.

Through reading this article, you will get armor to survive the trickery of the market. So take note as you read through word by one.

I will also give you a breakdown of the best acoustic guitars in the market. It doesn’t matter the skills you have in guitar playing. I feature guitars for both beginners and professionals.

Best Acoustic Guitars 2017 Comparison:


Guitar Name


Editor Rating


Wood construction, 21 frets and a smooth, natural finish

Linden Binding and Wood Construction with Geared Tuning

14-degree headstock that gives you more pressure at the nut

20-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays

Thin frets and low string action make it easy to play

Everything you need to learn guitar in one package

Laminated Nato back & sides.

Rosewood fingerboard & bridge

Fingerboard C-shape neck20 frets

Solid spruce top with Nato back & sides

How To Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar

Through the above reviews, I know you already have a clue on how to choose the best acoustic guitar. I will not assume anything, though. I am going to break down the factors to consider point by point until you are fully equipped with the knowledge.

Skill Level And Budget​

The skill level is very important. Some people have got passion but when it comes to the real thing they just give up. So if you want to try out the guitar, you should choose a cheap guitar, and if things go well, you learn and need to up your game then you can make a more expensive purchase. And if things turn bad, well you will not lose much.​

Construction And Design​

Construction and design have to do with the materials and the finish. Check out for the finish that melts your heart at least you will get the urge to hold it more often and that way you will learn a lot in a short time.

Also, looking great is something we all want. Look for a white wood body, for example. Mahogany is another good wood. Nato is a good cheap substitute for mahogany.​


The guitar accessories are the components that make the guitar a complete package. These components include the guitar pick the gig bag and the tuner.

An electronic tuner is easier to use. A padded gig bag is a big plus though the padded bags are hard to come by for these affordable beginner guitars. The gig bag should also have a pocket where you can carry the tuner and pick.​​


​A warranty though does not seem important is vital. That is your guarantee for quality. Also, check for a return policy. If it turns out, you do not like the guitar you can always get your money back with a return policy.

A return policy will save you from having a piece of junk in the house as a constant reminder of some money you lost. Sometimes it takes a while to discover a fault so check on the time frame of the return policy.​


The comfort of the guitar has to do with the size of the guitar, the tension of the strings and design in some way. Check for the size that feels right to hold and move through the frets. If its for your kid have them test the guitar out by having a feel of the body.

Also, see that they are having no difficulties to make some easy chords. On the tension, you may have to consider changing the strings which is not much of a deal breaker. Else you can choose to tune in the low octave and with time after the finger are ready for the high octave you can go on and tune in the high octave.​​

Top 10 Acoustic Guitar Picks​​

Like I just mentioned, there are several Acoustic Guitar that will offer an amazing experience. The Guitar I have listed below offer superior performance, top notch components, excellent craftsmanship, and excellent abilities.

First Act FG127 Acoustic Guitar

Editor Rating

The First Act FG127 Acoustic Guitar is an affordable guitar that in my opinion rules the league of inexpensive kids’ guitars.

It is the most popular model for the kids, and this is because the design is specifically for kids. To start with the size of the guitar suits the young ones perfectly.

Since the hands and finger of the kids are still in the learning stages, it is just fair that this guitar has thin frets. That way the kid does not have to strain when making the chords.

Also, included is a card that has the chords for a beginner and in that case the kids who are passionate start making the chords right away with the help of the chords card.

The first act acoustic guitar has string covers which protect the fingers. Initially, the guitar comes with steel string, but you can choose to change them for nylon strings. If you want the kid's finger to gain some strength, you may choose to remain with the steel strings. They may hurt for the first few weeks.

If you want a comfortable guitar with excellent playability, then this First Act FG127 Acoustic Guitar is the one. The manufacturer places the tuners nicely, and they work great. With this guitar, you will not have to spend up to the last of your savings.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • Works best only for kids
  • At some time you will need to buy an upgrade

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

Editor Rating

When starting out anything, you don’t want to invest too much then get disappointments, which the whole idea that Epiphone has in mind by bringing us a low entry guitar that works exceptionally. No much bells but man! It has incredible sound.

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar is a guitar that has the capability to remain in tune for long. Usually, I carry it with me when traveling and whenever I need to play I don’t do much regarding tuning it is more often than not always on point.

Usually, the best way to choose a guitar is to hold it, make a couple of strums and then judge from that if it is worth it. It is normal to have doubts but not many complain about the Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar, in the real sense it beats the expectations of many buyers.

For the price, many people expect some functioning but not anywhere close to perfect guitar. All these buyers get a surprise of a lifetime once they lay a hand on it.

The Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar sounds great. Another thing that helps is the low action springs. Some of us are very sensitive to the aesthetics of our guitars. This guitar has a cool black finish that you will not help it but fall in love.

It is a guitar you cannot shy from showing to your peers. Some people complain of rusty stock strings this will not be the case if you purchase the Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar, it is always good to have backup strings as you just might snap a string during tuning. Also if you have a preference when it comes to strings just go ahead and buy the ones that work best for you.

The body being from mahogany I get the assurance of durability as well as incredible aesthetics. Coupling the mahogany body and the various beautiful finish of natural and vintage sunburst and ebony make for an irresistible piece of art.​​

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • 30 days return policy is small
  • Might get some buzz if you attack the strings so aggressively

Acoustic Guitar 41" Full-Size Natural Includes Guitar Case

Editor Rating

You got to love this Acoustic Guitar 41" Full Size Natural Includes Guitar Case that measures 41”. It is a guitar that your kid will learn the guitar with and be lots of fun before you can make that long term investments. The guitar is not for kids alone seeing that it measures up to 41” even beginner adults will love this guitar.

The manufacturer gives the guitar an all wood construction. The construction is sturdy enough to ensure that it does not damage easily. You will find that some guitars tend to damage even during shipping.

You might get a replacement as that is the fault of the dealer, but you might end up losing some precious time and bottom line you want a guitar that will last. The Acoustic Guitar 41" Full Size Natural Includes Guitar Case has a total of 21 frets.

Unlike guitars that what you get is only the guitar, leaving you to buy all the other kits, Acoustic Guitar 41" Full Size Natural Includes Guitar Case comes as a whole package. The package includes a pick, a strap which comes in handy for portability and also playing while on your feet. To enhance portability further, the manufacturer includes a nylon carrying case.

Note that this is a normal size guitar. Works great, the sound is amazing no buzzing. The Acoustic Guitar 41" Full Size Natural Includes Guitar Case suits everyone in the family.

You can take turns playing it from the kid to the father, and it feels just like a professional guitar. Even cooler it comes with a full set of strings. If any of the strings snap it will inconvenience you a great deal, the manufacturer covers you from any inconveniences.PROS​​

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • The black plastic on the front bubbles upon scratching

Yamaha FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Editor Rating

Yamaha is a manufacturer that has a reputation in everything they produce. So is this whose design is to meet the very high demand for guitars but with limited resources.

Not having much money as far as Yamaha is concerned is not a thing to stop you from exploring your musical genius.

You are going to find high-end guitars from Yamaha that requires partying with a hefty sum of cash. If you need a guitar for a camp fire, then grab yourself the Yamaha FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar.​

All logic and reason push me to be realistic and to be honest. Do not even think of comparing this guitar to any of the high-ends Yamaha guitars that will be an injustice. That aside these guitars have some nice sound for the money that will pay it for.

You will not part with a lot, but you will get much. It has a solid wood top. I hit incredible notes with it, the treble and the bass are incredible.

The guitar comes with a gig bag that is very good for carrying and storage. The guitar packaging is incredibly good ensuring that it reaches you intact and ready for action. From this guitar, you get the authentic acoustic tone, and not just anyone can tell that it is a cheaper version.

Yamaha FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar has a solid spruce top. It has 11 grains per inch, and for that, I consider it a quality guitar. The sides and top are from Nato giving it the sturdiness that you would require. Nato looks like mahogany, so there you have it the aesthetics are incredible.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • The bag has no paddings
  • The DVD might turn out not so helpful

Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle with Gig Bag

Editor Rating

The Fender guitar is a starter kit that has all that you need to develop your talent and guitar skills. The fender is budget friendly, and you do not need to push your budget to get it. The gig bag is perfect. It has some light padding on it which is better than no padding.

So whenever I need to store the guitar for the long term I put it in the bag, and it is safe, the gig bag comes in handy during transportation as you can carry it like a back pack, for short term storage I prefer using the guitar stand.

Of course, the stand will cost you some extra dollars, but it is a good way of keeping the guitar in tune. All around the Fender Acoustic Guitar sustains tune well.

The manufacturer also equips you with a full set of quality Fender strings, five picks that I know will take you forever to exhaust, two picks would have been enough but having the three extra is just cool. It also comes with an instructions DVD. The DVD is so helpful for beginners. It also has a strap.

What makes this guitar even more top notch is the fact that the manufacturer knows that loss of tune is inevitable. So there is a nice tuner. It even comes with a hex key for the truss rod, very cool. Isn’t it? All that combination of items one at a time will cost you a fortune more.

The Fender Acoustic Guitar has a full-size dreadnought body. It has a rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets. The bridge is also of rosewood. Dot inlays guide your chording, and this guitar is suitable for all kind of music.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • The gig bag has no pocket
  • Sometimes the gig bag is small. The dealer fixes that

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Editor Rating

The Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar is a guitar that has a lot of accolades to go with it. It is not a coincidence. The only reason it has so many fans is that it meets the needs of the users.

After buying the guitar all, you need to do before you get that fine sound and playability is do some minor settings. After the settings, you will be on your way to becoming that rock star you always want to be.

With the right set of strings, the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar will sound like the more expensive guitars you know. Regarding looks, it already looks incredible so when it comes to aesthetics a give it a nine out of ten, no bad right?

Sad enough some people do not know how to set up a guitar. Let’s leave that for another day but meanwhile to avoid you having a bad feeling about your new guitar by it not sounding right get an expert to do it for you. With time you will also learn how to do it. It is not like it’s rocket science. After setting and fine tuning, you will love it.

The J asm ine S35 Acoustic Guitar is easy to handle, looks good and sounds nice. For the materials, the guitar has a spruce top.

The sides and the back are from Nato which is almost as good as mahogany. The fret board is from rosewood making it join the rest of the best acoustic guitars. A satin finish and the chrome covered tuner make a wrap to the beautiful package.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • The stock strings may be low quality
  • Setting is challenging for beginners

Crescent MG38-CF 38 " Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

Editor Rating

Here comes another one of the popular starter guitars, the Crescent MG38-CF 38" Acoustic Guitar Starter Package.

When it comes to reviewing it has ninety-nine percent positive feedbacks. Someone is worrying, what about the rest one percent? I would say those are the few unlucky victims of little mishaps.

Some people complain of the guitar bowing under tension when tuning. Remember this guitar is for learners and too much tension is not only bad for the fingers but also for the fingers.

You should consider tuning the guitar on the low octave, that way your kid's while be able to hold chords that sound. Higher octaves will demand more effort while holding down the strings and it will hurt terribly. Your kid might end up giving on the musical dream, and that is not what you want.

The guitar measures 38” long which is less than a standard guitar. 38” will work perfectly for your kid. The Crescent MG38-CF 38" Acoustic Guitar Package is what a lot of parents out there are getting for their kids. I go with the fact that it is not that fancy. It has all the necessities.

The strings ring perfectly, and it comes with a gig bag and also a trademark digital E-tuner.

If you choose to go my way, you can surprise your little princess or prince with a Crescent MG38-CF 38" Acoustic Guitar Starter Package. It could be a Christmas present or a birthday present. Am sure they will love it. In the process, you will hold a special place in their hearts.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • The strap does not have much of quality
  • You might have to replace the strings

Guitar For Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack

Editor Rating

The Guitar For Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack will suit you good if you know nothing about guitars. The book that comes with the guitar will help you a great deal in crawling and finally learning to walk as far as guitar playing is concerned.

If the book is not enough, there is a handy audio CD. The two help people who know nothing about guitars but have the passion. It will take you shorter than you can imagine starting playing a couple of chords.

Maybe you have the idea that the manufacturer just wants to make some quick cash and leave you to sort yourself when the guitar starts giving you headaches. That is not the case the manufacturer gives you a ten-year limited warranty for the guitar.

A whole ten years! That means that by the time you are even thinking of claiming anything on the warranty, you will be already a pro. The warranty plus the fact that this guitar will not cost you much, I think you have no reason not to purchase this package.

The body is incredible for the money. The whole body is from wood. Not just wood but quality wood, the thing with wood is that it facilitates the acoustic sound which is what we want to hear. The back and side are of Linden.

The gig bag for the guitar has some accessory pockets. And also this package has a digital tuner. Something about the digital tuner is that it is much easier to use than the pitch pipe.

The Guitar For Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack is a perfect size. The guitar looks amazingly good, and the packaging is excellent. You will not get any broken parts during shipment.

It is worth your money and time. It’s a good instrument for learners maybe later on you can purchase that top end guitar, and by them maybe you will be making money out of playing the guitar.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • No guitar straps
  • The strings on the guitar are ultra-light
  • The gig bag is not padded

Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

Editor Rating

The Rogue Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is an instrument that brings out the vibrancy of an acoustic guitar. The sound is clear and projects far and wide so you can use this maker to make a concert.

I believe it is up for such a task. Most users say that the strings are tough on the fingers and I agree on that. You may choose to change the strings to ones of your choice.

The sound of the Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural leaves many asking if it cost the less that I say. You can also buy it from any other retailer out there.

The body of the Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural is from Whitewood. Whitewood makes the body sturdy and durable. The finish on the guitar is also amazing it strikes all the beauty sensitive eyes.

Having a Whitewood body could seem to some as just a boring white wood body. The guitar has a Nato neck. And to make things more interesting, it has a maple painted bridge.

The dimensions of the nut are 1-2/3 inches width and a 16” inch radius. The nut dimensions facilitate smooth and easy transition through all the twenty frets. You can choose to buy the bag, and I advise you to, but it is sold separately. Do not say that I did not tell you about the bag.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • The case is sold separately

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar

Editor Rating

The Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Guitar is a guitar that will impress you with its unique appearance. Everything about it is unique, even the construction not to mention the spalted maple finish.

The Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar is a guitar that I carry with me to the gigs, a guitar that I like to show to people. If you are looking forward to nurturing your talent in music, then this guitar will do you good in saving some money to help you reach those great heights in music.

Many guitars have plastic for the nut and saddle but not the Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar. It has a real bone for these two components adding to its durability. This guitar is a guitar that you can use even in your advanced level of guitar playing, but if you are looking for an affordable guitar, then this one is.

The Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar works perfectly from out of the box. I need just some little adjustments, and there I am playing and singing around to my sweetest lyrics.

The guitar is soft on the fingers which enhance the playability. In some guitars for you to get any sound leave alone quality sound, you need to work hard.

Once you make that order, the dealer delivers it on time, in some cases in time. I thing I like because you will not have to keep ringing asking why you do not have your product yet.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • You will have to pay for freight back in case you do not like it

Final Verdict

The above guitars are guitars that you will never regret buying. For one they are quality guitars. The other thing is that they are low investments so in-case you lose money of which it is very unlikely you will not lose much.

After buying any of the above either for you or your kids you will come back and make a confession of how great these guitars are. Just ditch your fears and grab one of these guitars and enjoy some cool melodies.

Joseph Nicholls

Hi, My name is Joseph Nicholls. I am playing guitars more than 5 years and I have local guitar shop. I love to help people find right guitar with helping beginner who love to play guitar but don't know how to pick right guitar and how to play it. I love to guide how to play guitar from first. I create this blog for help people how to learn guitar and how to pick guitar without teacher and spend lots of time for it.